Membership Update!

In 2018 we started our Going Green initiative by introducing online membership forms and limited ePayment of annual dues.  This year we are able to reduce cost of printing and mailing by taking our newsletter digital.

The 2020 annual membership form is now open and available online. For the convenience of both you and the Board of Directors (whom are all volunteers), we ask that you complete your 2020 membership form online and submit online payment.

All Inglewood Beach Club Members must have a current and accurate registration form on file each year (unless auto-renewed). If you wish to submit payment via postal mail, we welcome you to please complete and submit the online member registration form and mail a check to us. Forms will no longer be mailed.

We now also have an automatic membership renewal/subscription that you can opt in to if you are an established member. Check out to get started.

Of course if you wish to fill out the paper membership form and send check, you are welcome to print it off to mail. You can also get to other online payment options, for key replacement and boat storage at

If you have any feedback, we welcome your suggestions as we are always looking to make annual dues payment a simple process.

If you have any questions or issues with payment, please email Ali at [email protected].

All other non-payment related inquiries please email [email protected].


Realtor, Buying or Selling in IBC? Please check out our FAQs page.