2020 Registration Confirmation

All Inglewood Beach Club Members must have a current and accurate registration form on file each year (unless auto-subscribed). If you wish to submit payment via postal mail, we welcome you to please complete and submit this form and mail a check to us. Forms will no longer be mailed.

If you have not yet submitted payment, please complete the payment process on the following page for check, credit card or direct bank payment.

Please keep an eye on your email (including spam) for the final confirmation email of which you need to take action to validate your email address and identity. You will not get your key/card if we do not get the confirmation AND payment.

Boat Storage

There is currently a waitlist for fenceline and boathouse storage. Please contact us to inquire. For members with confirmed boat storage, please ensure payment of your annual membership along with the annual boat storage fee. Any storage unpaid and/or unoccupied within 30 days of the Annual Meeting will be forfeited.