Are you thinking about buying or selling a home or property in the Inglewood Plat? Here are some answers to common questions asked about IBC.

What is the beach address?

There is no physical address. The parking area is off of E Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, just north of NE Inglewood Hill Rd, on the west side of the street right by Kokomo Place. Follow the path from the parking lot to the trail, go south (left) on the trail, and walk until you see the fence with the Inglewood Beach Club sign above the gated entrance. We have various colorful chairs at our beach.

Is this an HOA?

No. We are an optional club membership. Residents are not required to pay dues, but access to the beach is not permitted without current club membership.

When is access granted?

Lock box access is provisioned about weekly upon dues payment.

What are the dues?

New members pay $375 new member fee which includes the first year of dues and lock box access. Returning members pay $75 annually however if there is a lapse in annual payment, the following year will incur previous year's dues. Register online at We do not offer prorated dues.

Which homes are included?

All homes within the plat lines shown below are within the IBC boundaries and are eligible to become members.

What are the rules we need to abide by when using the beach?

Please check out our Rules page with the full details of IBC use.

Is there moorage and boat storage available?

We do not have moorage, however we do have a small boat house for kayaks and paddle boards as well as fence line storage. There is a waitlist for boat storage.

Can I get access to take photos for a real estate listing?

If the current owners are members, absolutely. However we do not allow non-members to access the beach without a current member accompanying them. You may inquire about photos for a fee.

Is access transferrable?

Access and membership is not transferrable. New residents will pay the new membership fee of $375, however sellers are encouraged to pre-pay the following year for the new buyer to add value to the listing and get them immediately involved. New home owner's email will be required for pre-registration.

Are there guest passes available?

Guest passes are available annually with a current paid member sponsoring them. Guest pass dues are $230 and are not guaranteed annually. Only 20 guest passes are available each year and are issued on a first come, first served basis, pending member sponsorship and board approval.

What’s your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds.