2023 Annual Meeting Recap

nWe had a great Annual Meeting today! Thanks to everyone who came down in the drizzle to participate ◡̈ We couldn't have this amazing beach club without membership participation!

We are excited to have some new and veteran members join the board! While their commitment doesn't start until the fall, we welcome returning board members Graham, Ali, and Deb along with co-board Jim and our new board members Mariana, Jeannie, co-board Carl & Janet, and co-board Jody & Tom.

Reminder - everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly board meetings. Date/time/locations are posted (and updated the day of for any unexpected changes) at inglewoodbeachclub.org/calendar

In addition to board nominations, we also discussed:

  • Temporary pathway and beach access
  • Trail progress and completion expectation of December 2023
  • Landscaping and tree care needs at the beach and triangle
  • New raft installation planned for mid-July

If you have questions or would like to contribute, please join us at our next board meeting on July 12, 2023. We will have all the annual meeting snacks to enjoy during the meeting down at the beach if the weather permits.

2023 annual meeting