Temporary Trail Access

During the 2022 ELST construction, a temporary path has been built from the Inglewood Hill parking lot for Inglewood Beach Club members to access the beach. Instead of following the trail, you will follow the driveway (see the blue lines) in the KC Parks Inglewood Beach Rec Property Temp Path Aerial Map (full details on North and South access). There is also a temporary access path on the south side via the stairs at the light (click through to view full details). Note that beach access is only for paying members. All current members can be found here. Anyone not on this list is unauthorized and should be reminded to renew membership or kindly asked to leave. Trail access is public, however, trespassers on the IBC beachfront property will be prosecuted. All IBC rules must be adhered to.

Note: The parking area will be closed from the afternoon of July 11 to the morning of July 13 as culvert sections are being hoisted down onto the trail.