IBC History

The Inglewood Beach Club (IBC) was originally established in 1965 by the American Pacific Corporation, as it proceeded to develop and sell lots in the Inglewood Plat.  All property owners in the Inglewood Plat are entitled to membership in the Club.  A small fee is required to be a participating member.

The IBC owns two pieces of community property for the enjoyment of its members; a triangle of land on Inglewood Hill Rood and 125 feet of water front below the corner of East Lake Sammamish Parkway and Inglewood Hill Road.


Trustees are elected to collect dues and administer the affairs of the club.  During the late 60's and early 70's the club met each year and collected dues to pay taxes and save for improvements.  From 1976 to 1982 there was no Board of Trustees and the taxes were paid from funds accumulated up to 1976.  In response to the threat of losing the properties due to delinquent taxes, a new Board of Trustees formed in 1983 to revive the Club, collect dues, and save the properties.  Their efforts were successful and a new Board has been elected each year since.

In 1996 half of the boardwalk was replaced and gravel added to the railroad bed to make it easier to get to the beach.  In 2000 the club purchased 25' of waterfront adjacent to its south border and a billboard was installed to inform the membership of new activities.  In 2001 a perimeter fence and boathouse were funded, constructed and is maintained by the members.  In 2002 a sandbag wall was built to reclaim lost beach and to protect the tree roots from wave erosion.  In 2004 the rebuilding of the other half of the boardwalk was completed, an upper trail flood bridge was constructed and a heavy duty 8 foot picnic table replaced its predecessor.

With the King County trail development the railroad bed was transformed into a bike trail.  This created a fence along the property line with a maintenance gate access.  A ramp, member gate and lock have been installed to secure and make the property more accessible to its members in the last six years.

Future maintenance and development depend on three functions of the Board:

  • Dues participation by Inglewood Plat residents
  • Volunteer efforts by members and trustees
  • Community input through questionnaires and meeting attendance