Universal Storage Agreement

If you have not received your annual invoice for storage fees, please ensure you have contacted the IBC Board to determine your storage location renewal confirmation prior to payment.

The purpose of this agreement is to describe the rights and responsibilities of the parties associated with the fence line and boathouse storage (known as “storage location”) owned by Inglewood Beach Club (IBC).

The operation and maintenance of the fence line storage and boathouse is directed by IBC and is conducted by the Boathouse Coordinator. The IBC Board of Trustees with name successive Coordinators.

The use of the fence line and boathouse storage is at the user’s own risk. IBC makes no commitment or warranty regarding the structural integrity or longevity of the fence line, boathouse or security of items stored therein. The undersigned hereby agrees to hold harmless: IBC or its Board of Trustees, any designated Boathouse Coordinator, and any occupant of the storage location for personal injury sustained at the storage location, or damage or loss to the storage location or equipment stored in the storage location, regardless of cause.

I (We) will store only my (our) equipment and use it regularly or voluntarily terminate my (our) agreement. I (We) will lock my (our) storage location when not present and keep my (our) items out of other storage locations. I (We) will furnish my (our) key (for boathouse storage) only to family members and will not rent or loan my (our) storage location to others. I (We) will not make modifications to my (our) storage location without prior approval from the Boathouse Coordinator.

I (We) will pay the annual administration / maintenance fee within 30 days of the invoice.

When I (we) no longer want my storage location, I (we) will inform the Boathouse Coordinator who will find a new occupant.

At the sole discretion of the Boathouse Coordinator, occupants may be required for no cause to vacate their storage location within 15 days and forfeit their risk deposit (for boathouse storage). The Boathouse Coordinator is empowered to use this clause to manage safety risks, resolve occupant conflicts, and make partial restitutions when occupants cannot resolve issues amicably and to remove occupants whose activities or behaviors are inconsistent with storage location operating standards.

After 30 days of non-payment (from the invoice), the privilege will be denied. If the boat is not removed, the security device will be cut and the boat moved to a holding area and left unsecured for 30 days for you to pick up. After 60 days of non-payment (from the invoice), failure to remove the boat will result in the boat being deemed “abandoned” and it will be disposed of.

I hereby grant permission to the Inglewood Beach Club or its designated agent to remove any security device and move my boat to the holding area if I fail to pay the storage fee within 30 days of the invoice and to dispose of my boat if I fail to remove it from the property within 60 days of the invoice.

Boathouse Agreement

I (We) acknowledge that my (our) property in the boathouse is at risk and may be lost due to theft, vandalism, or other catastrophe and that my (our) risk deposit may be forfeited in the event that; a) the boathouse is damaged and not repaired (decided by current occupants), b) the boathouse must be removed by government order, or c) the boathouse coordinator forces termination of my (our) occupancy. I (We) accept responsibility for loss of my (our) stored items and those of my (our) guests. The completed project value is $4500, the sum total of the initial “risk deposit” values associated with each locker, based on cubic footage.

In the event of major damage, the current occupants decide whether to rebuild. Occupants have two options: vacate the boathouse & forfeit their risk deposit or pay an assessment to cover the repair costs. The assessment will be levied proportionate to risk deposits. Continuing occupant repair assessments will be combined with “replacement occupant” risk deposits plus repair assessments to finance repairs. The cost of repair will be shared regardless of which lockers are affected.

I (We) agree to remove all modifications upon the request of the Coordinator and agree to allow the return of my (our) risk deposit to be reduced by the costs of removing my (our) modifications should I (we) fail to do so when requested.

Costs to make necessary repairs and remove improvements to my (our) storage location, unpaid maintenance fees, and a rekey charge will be deducted from my (our) risk deposit, but no additional administrative / maintenance fees, or assessments will be levied against me (us) once I (we) empty my (our) locker. I (we) will not expect reimbursement of my (our) adjusted risk deposit until a replacement occupant is found by the Coordinator. I (we) will not transfer my (our) locker to another party. I (we) have the option of accepting 50% of my (our) adjusted risk deposit within 15 days of vacating my (our) locker with no future payment.