Reminder: Renew Now!

2021 Membership is Open!

Quick reminder that as our membership system has been upgraded, all members will have a new account created upon 2021 payment.

The sooner you renew, the quicker you will gain access to the beach's new key lock box. For 2021, all members will be given access to the new bluetooth lock box as their means of entry upon renewal. Please review lock box instructions prior to visiting the beach as a smartphone is required.

So welcome to 2021!

We encourage you to get your IBC membership renewed as soon as possible via the button below to ensure you can enjoy the beach as soon as you are ready!

Going forward, all memberships will include online account management and auto renewal without the need to fill out the membership form annually streamlining the process for both the members and Board of Directors. Renew now to ensure your earliest renewal date going forward as your account will auto-renew for future years on the date you first subscribe to our new system with your current year access ending on 12/31/2021.