Friendly Reminder of IBC Rules

We wanted to take a moment to remind our current members of the rules and regulations that you have agreed to when down at the beach. Please take a moment to review the summary below as well as the complete rules, terms and conditions conveniently posted on our website. You are responsible for your actions and those of your guests, and all rules must be followed to ensure the fun and safe enjoyment for all members. Thanks for abiding by these rules so we can help all our members feel safe and welcome while following rules at our wonderful beach oasis.


Removal of Unattended Boats

Additionally, if you have been storing a boat at the beach, we ask you to please remove it by Sunday, 8/15/21. As of 2021, boat storage is currently unavailable at IBC due to trail work and requirements of King County. Any boats left on premise may be disposed of by the Board if the owner leaves the boat unattended.