2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Thanks to all who joined and help make our first ever VIRTUAL annual meeting a huge success. The agenda and topics discussed are below.

10am on May 30, 2020 | Meeting Agenda

Financial Status Update

 Actual 2019Proposed 2020Actual 2020
Beginning Balance$22,982$35,090$35,090
Ending Balance$35,090$34,790$36,094

We have collected 120 payments this year to date.

Replacement of the Floating Raft

Our current floating dock is disintegrating at a quicker rate each year and requires more and more maintenance each year to make it functional and safe. The Board proposes we replace the existing dock with a full T floating dock. This would allow all members to use the dock as it would go from the shore to ~ 30 ft out from the shore. The board has been investigating using ez-dock (ez-dock.com) as the manufacturer of the proposed dock. The board estimates the entire project would be < $15,000 for the dock and installation. The dock will float but still be anchored to the shore and floor of the lake based on the installer’s best practices. We also discussed child and general safety. Members will continue to remain responsible for adhering to all posted notices and to ensuring that they and their guests are being safe. We will update beach rule signage to clearly call out any maximum occupancy limits that the manufacturer or installer recommend. It is expected that the dock will increase member usage of the beach. While this could be an issue, we cannot restrict access to the beach to paying members. And we would expect members to follow all rules and regulations and to behave like good neighbors. A vote was taken by all attendees to approve a budget of up to $15,000 for the dock. The dock should be in a T-shape and the only extra approved for the time being is a dog ramp that will allow a gradual entrance/exit from the water. When the vote was taken, 19 members were present and 100% of the members voted YES, unanimously approving the budget.

In the meantime we will look to repair the existing floating dock assuming it will take a few months to get through permitting and installation of the new dock. But the Board will make every effort to get the new dock installed as quickly as possible.


  • Ensure we have the correct permitting from the city to put the dock in place.
  • Determine what the maximum occupancy of the dock is when it is installed.
  • Investigate and assess impact of this new dock type on our insurance costs.

Trail Update

Trail work is coming. We are required to vacate the space that the new trail will take by September. We expect to ‘lose’ some space along the trail side as the new trail is built. The group reviewed the impacted area via screen share and the Board will share the image via email with the entire membership as well. The shed will need to be cleaned out and will likely be removed during trail construction. All boats will need to be removed from the IBC beach property in September to prepare for construction, per King County guidance.

There was discussion on the impact to vegetation and beach access. The board will make sure the installation timeline for the dock does not conflict with any timeframe where the beach will be inaccessible (if applicable).

Boat Storage

The Board has a goal to increase boat storage so that space is available for everyone who wishes to purchase a boat storage space. The membership will build these by hand and expects to spend $500 on materials. Building of the new racks will happen when social distancing requirements are relaxed.


  • Volunteers needed to help build new boat racks.

New Trustee Openings

Board leadership will continue as is through the trail work at a minimum, as was unanimously decided at the annual meeting. Members at Large are welcome to attend IBC Board Meetings which are generally held the third Tuesday of each month at the beach once allowed. The next IBC Board Meeting will be on July 21, 2020 at 7:30pm at the beach if possible (depending on current COVID guidance) otherwise virtually at inglewoodbeachclub.org/meeting.


  • Rob Richardson and the Roths will take on the limited triangle maintenance that our landscaping company does not do (weed whacking).

Replacement Key Update

A discussion on key policy was had. The one key per household/membership was reinforced. The key replacement fee has gone up because the same people seem to keep losing their keys. Re-keying has been postponed for at least another year to wait for the trail work.

Some members who are out of date on dues have been using the beach due to still having a working key. Rekeying costs roughly $2,000 and each key costs about $10. The membership has agreed to not rekey at the given time due to uncertainty around the County’s plans on trial work which will result in a new gate/key. In the future, when a new gate is installed after the trail work, the Board will consider other ways to control costs on keys while incentivizing members to stay up to date on their dues; including making keys available on a deposit basis that is returned when a member leaves the club.

In the event you need a new key, please be sure to request one through the website at the following link and we’ll get one out to your shortly. We will not send additional keys if noted in comments of member registration – only if officially purchased and paid through the website or via mailed check.