The Inglewood Beach Club is secured using Master Lock® Vault Enterprise which is an access management software solution designed for organizations that have many users who need access to many locks. This platform, using Master Lock® Bluetooth-enabled locks, provides a convenient way for organizations to control access, oversee assets, and improve accountability across their organization.

Please read the following carefully to gain access to your individual app/code for unlocking the beach key from within the lock box once you have paid your annual membership dues.

If additional members of your direct household wish to have access, logging in for direct household members is permissible with the credentials registered however sharing of access is not permitted outside your direct household and is cause for revoking access. All guests must be accompanied by the IBC member.

Please note, once annual dues are paid, you will receive an email invitation to the IBC lock box authorizing access to retrieve the gate key. You will need to follow instructions within that email to access the beach. Additionally, know that all access is removed on December 31 of the current year paid so if you wish to utilize the beach in the winter months, you will need to ensure your membership is renewed after January 1.

Lock usage will be monitored regularly for misuse and sharing. If the key from within the lock box goes missing, the last member to unlock the box without reporting the absent key will be billed the re-keying fees.

Quick Setup

  1. Download the Master Lock® Vault Enterprise app on your smartphone and set up a password for the IBC registered email. The organization’s ID is “inglewoodbeachclub”. One email is used per household and is permitted to be shared with direct household residents only.
  2. The Master Lock® Vault Enterprise app uses bluetooth to open the lock box when near without needing to re-enter the email or password after initial setup. (Refer to detailed instructions below for further details.) The lock box will open and you may then use the key from within to open the gate.
  3. If the lock box becomes locked in an open or ajar position, simply reactivate the lock box again using the app and then insert the key, close and secure the lock box.  Always be sure to replace the key in the lock box!
  4. Shut the gate tightly to re-engage the lock.

Detailed Instructions

Sign In

Sign into the Master Lock® Vault Enterprise website or mobile app using three required pieces of info:

  1. The organization’s ID (inglewoodbeachclub), the unique code used to identify your organization’s account, provided in your invitation.
  2. Your email address, to which you received your invitation.
  3. Your password, or the temporary password provided in your invitation. Temporary passwords expire after a week, so please ask your administrator to send a new password if yours expires.

The first time you sign in with your temporary password you’ll be asked to change your password and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to continue. Please note that the website uses cookies to securely manage the browser session for your personal sign-in, but does not track your personal information or online behavior.

Phone Security

Your mobile app will automatically remain signed in whenever you relaunch the app, until your password either expires or is changed. Be sure to take advantage of all security measures available on your phone to prevent unauthorized use of your mobile app. If your phone is lost or stolen, please immediately change your password and inform us at

Unlocking the Lock Box

To unlock the beach lock using your phone, you’ll need to have your Master Lock® Vault Enterprise app open and your phone’s Bluetooth and location services turned on (with your app authorized to access them). You will NOT be entering a code, your phone is required to unlock the lock box. If you do not have a smartphone listed in the Compatible Devices below, please email us with your phone model to check compatibility.

When in the Master Lock® Vault Enterprise app, if you are not within range or do not have location services and bluetooth enabled, you will see the view of the first image below. Once you are within range, follow the steps below to unlock.

  1. Wake your lock (press any button on the lock box and you’ll see its LED light up) and navigate to your mobile app’s list of “Awake” locks to see nearby Bluetooth locks that are broadcasting. If you’re authorized to unlock a broadcasting lock you’ll see a blue key button appear next to it (above middle image). You will NOT be entering a code.
  2. Tap that button on your app and the lock will unlock. Pull open your lock box’s door before the auto-relock delay relocks it. You will see the 10 second countdown to open the lock (above right image). If you have issues opening the box, please repeat these steps while putting pressure on the lock box.
  3. Take out the key from the lock box leaving the lock box door open.
  4. Unlock the gate with the key from the lock box then replace the key in the lock box making sure it is not obstructing the closing mechanism. It should shut easily without force – if it does not, you may need to reposition the key or unlock the box again to re-open the mechanism. Once the key is placed back in the lock box, shut the lock box securely before entering the gate and shutting the gate tightly.


If the lock doesn’t appear on your “Awake” list or you don’t see an unlock button in your app, check the following:

  1. Be certain your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and the Master Lock® Vault Enterprise app is authorized to access it.
  2. Android users also need to have their Location services turned on, with the Master Lock® Vault Enterprise app authorized to access Location. Due to how Android implemented its Bluetooth services, Bluetooth will only work if Location is also available.
  3. Your digital key may have expired. Ensure you have Internet access (turn on mobile data or wi-fi) and refresh your keys by pressing your Master Lock® Vault Enterprise mobile app’s refresh icon on the bottom right corner of your lock list. This may take a while, depending on how many authorized locks you have.
  4. Swipe down from the top of your Master Lock® Vault Enterprise mobile app’s lock list to refresh your list of authorized locks.
  5. If all else fails, you may need to sign out, close your app, restart the app, and sign in again.

Change / Forgot Password

You can request a password recovery email if you’ve forgotten your password by pressing the “Forgot Password?” link under the “Sign In” button on the Web or in the App.

  1. Enter your email address and press “send”, and the system will send a new temporary password to that email address.
  2. Sign in using that temporary password before it expires, and you’ll be asked to change your password to something new.

Whenever you’re signed in, you may proactively choose to change your password.

  1. Click your name in the Web to view “My Info” and press the “Change Password” button.
  2. Or open the menu in the mobile app to select the “Change Password” option.
  3. Enter a new password (twice) in accordance to your organization’s Password Policy requirements.

Compatible Devices

Master Lock® Vault Enterprise is designed to work with mobile devices that are built to Bluetooth v4.0 (or higher) specifications and implement the capability to communicate with Bluetooth Smart peripherals.

iOS 10.0 or later

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad

Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later

You can determine your device’s OS version in your phone’s settings. Email if you have questions regarding functionality.