Happy Spring 2018, Inglewood Beach Club!

2018 newsletter coming soon


2017 Inglewood Beach Club News

IBC Keys for 2017

Please save your key from last year!  Once again, we will be issuing a membership card once we receive your payment.  Please bring your card with you when you come to the beach or a photo on your smartphone may also be used if you find that more convenient.

Construction Update

The construction of the sidewalks along Inglewood Hill Road are almost complete.  It’s a good thing too because it looks like parking is going to be sparse this summer as King County continues to use the lower parking area as a staging area for the East Lake Sammamish Trail.  Construction in front of our beach appears to be at least a year off, but don’t count on any additional parking this summer.  As part of the trail project, they will be building a parking lot in that area that is for the public as well as lakefront property owners.  We will be replacing our swim line this year and launching the dock as soon as the water warms up a bit more.

Annual Meeting and Beach Cleanup

We look forward to seeing many of you over the upcoming summer and especially at our annual meeting and beach cleanup in June.  Click here to learn more.


Please continue to honor our policies of no glass, no fires, and no smoking at the beach.  We have a beautiful jewel of a place, and we want to make sure it’s a safe place for all of us to share.

All the best,

Jennie and Dan Davidson
Inglewood Beach Club Presidents